About Me

First and foremost, I'd like to know your intentions. Maybe you've met me out in the world. I could be a coworker of yours or I could be a client for your company. If you're not a good friend or a stranger, this site isn't meant for your eyes. I'll ask you kindly to respect that fact and move on. Still, if I stumbled on your site, I would probably read it and never tell you. I understand what it means to write on the web and I take care that I'm not saying anything that would haunt me. Much of what I say is true, much is embellished and there are just a few complete lies. Don't assume too much about anything. If you want to be my working colleague, find me a LinkedIn. If you want to follow my nerdy adventures, follow me on G+.
Basically I'm a married man with a couple of kids and a technologist who works remotely for a bay area company managing a team of developers. I have a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. I used to be a software engineering spending my days laying code and I'm proud to say I was really good, but you always get promoted until your in a role you're only mediocre at.
Growing up I wrote, I painted and I drew. I knew at a relatively early age that my job wouldn't be painting or writing. I have kept a journal for a very long time, and as it has become fashionable, I put portions of the entries not too close to my heart online for others to connect to.
After I did the first re-write of this page, I realized it came across fairly dysthymic. I have three major layers. The outer layer is happy and easy going. I love spending time with friends and I laugh and smile all the time. Peel back a layer and there is an often lonely person with just a hint of sadness. The somber side doesn't come through readily in person, and I tend to express it more here since there is no instant repercussion for doing so. Peel back that layer and you find the deepest part where I am very happy, very lucky and very content. That's a disclaimer. When you read something wrapped up in sadness, remember, that it's the center of the oreo with genuine happiness on both sides.
I am a computer nerd and a card-carrying Apple fan boy (but I came to the party in 2004 - true fan boys loved Apple, even when it was bad). I graduated from college with a double major in mathematics and computer science. I knew from a very young age that I loved working with technology and science. There is something magical about the control I have over things on my computer. I can write applications that fix a problem or I can retouch pictures or scrub noise from sound. I grew up without the internet, but I spent a lot of time on BBSes. I've spent all my years out of school working in technical consulting. I'm very adamant that I am not a engineer and I do not have a degree in engineering. I have always day dreamed about going back to school and teaching at the university level, though I'm not sure if it will ever happen or if I would like it if it did.
In high school, I leaned toward posuer gothic, but never enough to count myself one of them. I'm lucky enough to say that I have never really been depressed, even though I have been faced with depressing issues through my life. I have taken anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication because my parents suggested it, not because I wanted to or a doctor proposed it. I have always had a solitary soul. There was a long portion of time in grade school I spent my lunches alone underneath a tree in the yard. I spent many nights in college walking around campus by myself unsure of my life. I make up for this emptiness by orchestrating gatherings and events with my friends. I fell in love and married an amazing lady, we've got a couple of kids, and have been living a great life.
I have a chronic illness. I don't talk about it much, because I can't stand to be defined by it. I loathe when people tell me I'm looking well, because it only serves as a reminder that times exist where I'm looking sickly. I was hospitalized once during my freshman year of college when I was first diagnosed. At age eighteen, it is hard to think you may not reach nineteen. Now I'm healthy and I've been well long enough that I've gone back to thinking I will live forever and even my long time friends forget how things were during the hard times.
I'm the second of two boys. My parents divorced half-way through growing up. So I have childhood memories of them together and childhood memories of them apart. My brother and I went through the gauntlet of custody battles and child psychologists because we had parents who loved us too much. My father is re-married and I have a bunch of step-siblings that I first met after I had gone to college. I don't know them like childhood siblings, more like college friends, but I adore them and refer to them as brothers and sisters without hesitation.
I'm a generalist, and I have no hobbies that encompass all my free time. I played role playing games throughout my high school and college years, but have spent little time doing so recently. I credit those games with the fact that I never did drugs, never drank underage and never had one-night stands. Those are the types of things that other people did because without role playing games, they were bored and needed something entertaining.
I was raised with only a general exposure to religion in the early years. I spent all of high school and all of college in Catholic school by my choice. While you can get away without much religious education if you try, I worked just as hard at religious studies as anything else and had many non-class studies with the priests that taught me. I am a Christian these days, but like most, I have a nuanced take on things. Talk to me about religion sometime, won't you?
I met an amazing woman in my early thirties, proposed after knowing her for a year, married her a year later, and have been extremely happy with my choice. We went to premarital counseling and all the counselor could say was, "I think you two are going to have a wonderful marriage." You know what? We're two kids into this thing, and everyone would say he is right.