Sunday, February 5, 2012

Museum Day

I was everything, patriarch, priest, father and judge. - John Sutter
I really love Sacramento and like most people, I spend less time indulging in the city as I wish that I did.  It's the standard thought that people have who move to cities as and adult, "you know, I never go and see the local sites."  I was somewhat lucky to be a kid in this town and be able to go see Sutter's Fort, the Crocker Art Gallery, the Zoo, Safety Town, and dozens of other places on various field trips growing up.
As and adult, I don't indulge that much in the history of this place and all the nooks and crannies around town.  Sacramento has an annual museum day where it opens up all state city and state museums for free entry to encourage us to get out and enjoy the town.
Mrs.Chaos and I went downtown to see Sutter's Fort.  We part in front of the fort almost every weekend when we go swing dancing, but she had never been inside and I hadn't been there since I was in a grade school.  Of course, for a place that hasn't changed in hundreds of years, it hasn't changed much in the past few decades.  It was still fun to see and I really enjoyed reading all the history - especially about what a really good man Sutter was.
There were cannons in all four corners of the fort and it was heavily fortified for attack.  Yet, no one thinks it ever was attacked.  Perhaps it was because Sutter let any travelers come in and stay and share in the meals without paying him.  Perhaps it was because he entered into trade business with the Indians instead of trying to swindle or convert them.  It was nice that least his early years at the fort seemed happy and prosperous.
One of the quotes from an interview late in life had the historian saying something like, "though he was swindled and cheated out of most of what he had built in California he remains a man full of smiles and complimentary of all the kindness around him."  I think some dust in my eye made me a little tearful as I read it.

Sutter's Fort
I say - whether you live in Sacramento or some other town - take some time to visit some historic spots or museums or whatever.  It's cool.  Ya know?