Monday, April 16, 2012

iPhone and Conference Call

E-mail is far more convenient than the telephone, as far as I'm concerned. I would throw my phone away if I could get away with it. - Tom Hanks
I wrote an app to scratch an itch. I have this annoying little problem at work that my colleagues like to send me meeting invites that including a conference call number in a mode that makes it very hard for me to use. Prior to iOS5, if they put the phone number into the location field in the invite the iPhone would not let me tap it to call it, copy/paste it, or do anything useful with it. I worked hard to train my colleagues to put the phone number both in the location field and in the body of the meeting invite.
After iOS5 came out, the location field became a place where text was tappable to make calls or copy/paste, but many of my coworkers don't include the conference call number in a way where it will dial both the phone number and then the conference call entry code. For a while it was okay, where I could temporarily memorize the 6-digit entry code and then tap the number, but working recently switched to a new teleconference system that has a 10-digit entry code. I'll admit that I cannot temporarily memorize 10-digits.

I fixed this with a trivial little web app. Behold conference dialer! It has two text inputs - one for the phone number to be dialed and one for the entry code for the conference call. This way, when I get a meeting invite where the dialing is not properly formatted for the iPhone to recognize, I just copy-paste the phone number, copy-paste the entry code and hit the dial button. Simple. Elegant.
I added some local session HTML5 stuff so that it will remember the last number and entry code you had filled in. I was thinking about maybe having it remember the last 10 numbers you called or some such. We'll see where it takes me.