Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion Sense

Let he who hath never worn parachute pants cast the first stone. - Jim Butcher
It's be an interesting experience learning over the past years that I have no ability to coordinate my clothes. Some how I made until my early thirties thinking that I was okay at this. I certainly didn't think I was "fashionable" but my system of wearing a shirt I liked paired with pants I liked apparently was not how you're supposed to match.
My lovely wife pointed this out to me once we had been dating long off she could. Many times my clothing was just "unmatched" and sometimes it was an attrocity. It culminated in a moment when we were meeting the insurance agent so I made sure to put on a burgandy polo shirt to look nice and then my khakis were still in the dryer, so I just put on my green camo cargo pants. Of course, I forgot to change pants, and showed up with that shirt and those pants not really thinking "well this looks horrendous." I just thought, "a bit awkward." The first words out of Mrs.Chaos' mouth when she say me was "what are you wearing?!?!"
Many men solve this problem by only wearing jeans which apparently match everything. Other men solve it by only wearing black and blue. Me? I just struggle though it. I'm being educated on how to match. Slowly.
But for some reason, before I had even passed remedial matching, my wife upped the game. Why be stuck with just some white undershirts when you could have v-neck sand whole set of colors of shirts? I feel like I got moved out of remedial matching way too early.