Friday, June 22, 2012

No Open Door. No Turn On Light.

Where you are is not really different than any other place you could be. - Dennis Kas
We've been spending the week with Mrs.Chaos's sister, husband and three children. We've still got another week to go. They are adorable little rascals. The little boy is a 2yo and he has mastered the rules for going to sleep each night. At first we had to tell him all the rules: head on your pillow, don't open the door, don't turn the light on and off, don't talk with your sisters. When he would inevitably ask, "where momma?" we'd say, "your mom will be back by the time you're awake."
Now? No fuss. You tell him it's bed time and he recites the rules to you: "Head pillow. No open door. No turn on light. No talk with sissy. Momma home when I'm awake!" that's right.
With Mrs.Chaos and I still running our life child-free, it's kind of crazy to have the day schedule around wakeup, breakfast, lunch, naptime, dinner, bath time, story time, bed time, grownup time. I'm still from world where every day only has grownup time.
I've also started to notice those things that people notice when the spend too much time around children... we start talking to each other the same way. "Mrs.Chaos, you're kind of close to me." "Well, you made the decision to lean forward. If you're choice to be this close, so you can choose to move if you don't like it." Or. "Mr.Chaos, I want my computer." "How do you ask nicely for something."
Inevitably the other person feels like their being condesended to and the only solution is immedate laughter!