Saturday, July 14, 2012

One of Five

We only part to meet again. - John Gay
It's weird. When my wife and I started dating we were living 100+ miles apart, but we saw each other every weekend. Mostly I drove to see her, but sometimes she drove to see me. Yet - we saw each other every weekend. And that was extremely consistent.
We got engaged. We got married. During the past three years there have probably been two weekends we haven't been together. I would guess that 4-days was the longest stretch we've been apart.
That changed this summer. My wife is working as a counselor at a summer camp program for international adoptees and we're apart for five weeks... five weeks.
The future is amazing and so we have the ability to text throughout the day. We can call each other every night. Many nights we can video chat (skype or Facetime). It's kind of funny and weird to think that this might be the longest time we are apart... ever... in our lives.
We talk every day. I miss her.