Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Social Segmentation

App.net will combine the simplicity of cloud infrastructure with the power of web frameworks to deliver the best platform for developing social web applications. - Orian Marx
I generate all this content and I lose a lot of it.  There was a time when my website was fully updated using a bizarre local workflow of text files and AppleScript.  As much as it was a person Rube Goldberg machine, it made me happy to know that the system of record of all of my stuff was on my computer and that was pushed up into the cloud.  You know - so centuries after I was gone archeologists could use the forensics of my hard drive to reconstruct my life.  Assuming someone saved my hard drive for centuries after I was gone and cared.
Now I am "in the cloud."  Truly.  My website updates are pushing into the cloud.  My micro-updates are pushing into the cloud.  My nerd updates are in the cloud.  My source code?  In the cloud.  It's all up there somewhere as the system of record and sometimes it's not on my computer.  In reality, in my day-to-day living and even in the grand scheme of things, I don't know why that should make a difference to me.  But it does.  There is something about knowing all the stuff that I create is sitting in my house.  Physically.
Anyway that's how things are.  I've also now fully segregated my three "social streams."  So if you're interested in my all the nerdy stuff I'm working on in my personal time, my attendance of various Sacramento technical user groups, compliments about my Drobo or Google TV, than the right place to go is App.net (short) and Google+ (long).  If you're interested in my nieces, nephews, vacations and other commentary the place to go is Twitter (short) and Facebook (long).  If for some reason you're interested in what I do for a living, find me on LinkedIn.