Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Pace of Innovation

Most of the world doesn’t want to be revolutionized. - Jon Evans
I suppose that as I get older I will continue to have more and more "the kids these days" moments. While we were picking up the nieces from church I was staring at the nutritional guide board that was explaining how to judge portions and it compared 4 oz to "a roll of film." Like anyone knows what a roll of film is these days.
The nieces had house is a cord cutting house that only has access to television via DVD, Netflix, etc. They were at their grandparents and watched morning cartoons on the TV (Scooby Doo) and later that day they wanted to watch more. They were totally upset with the idea that they couldn't. "It was on TV, so we can't watch it." "Nono! Put the disc back in!" "No, it was on television, we can't watch it again." "Can't you just rewind to it?"
For Christmas Mrs.Chaos got me a TV in the bedroom - because she likes watching TV in bed. She watches a ton of shows off of the network websites (,, on her computer. So I got an AppleTV so that she could AirPlay mirror from her laptop to the TV.
In the living room we have a GoogleTV, which supports AirPlay, but non AirPlay mirroring. We were planning to watch a show out there from the computer and Mrs.Chaos asked how we would do it. 'We'll just attach it like with the cables like we used it." "With cables? Like animals!?!?"