Sunday, April 28, 2013

Excited to the Max!

Thunderdome? How do I get in there? - Mad Max

Big week for mini-Chaos! On Tuesday we went in for the twenty week ultrasound to check out that everything was coming along correctly. They did all the basic pictures to make sure everything was developing properly, all the organs were there, and things look good. Only one heart - so no Timelord this time around. But then they went for the money shot to determine: IT'S A BOY!

I think I would have been equally happy either way, but Mrs.Chaos is pretty darn excited the first one is a boy. She loves the idea that the two youngest nephews are going to have another boy cousin and he's not going to be too much younger than the others. Those two older ones are going to get us in so much trouble.

I was pretty set on the first boy having a particular middle name (like his uncle, great uncle, other great uncle, grandfather, and so on), but was more relaxed on the first name. We really like having simple short first names - and had really liked the idea of Jack up until his Mini-Chaos's cousin was born and named Jack. When Mrs.Chaos asked, "What about Max?" I smiled. "That would be great!"

On Wednesday night we went out with my parents + bonus family to do the gender reveal and the name reveal. Mrs.Chaos bought a bunch of "baby boy" confetti, put it into opaque balloons, and the had them filled with helium. Before dinner everyone got a balloon and a push pin and BAM! It's a boy.