Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home for the Max

Most people who work at home find they do not have the benefit of receptionists - Judith Martin

I finished up my last week going into the office until Max shows up. Ever since coming back from the Hawaii vacation, I have been going into the office every single week to try and keep on top of the loads of work that keeps piling on. But no more.

Mrs.Chaos is about T-Minus 28 days from the due date - so I'm here to keep a close eye on her. We're working on the final touches at home. The cosleeper is installed next to the bed and it's great for holding my iPad. The carseat base is installed into the back of her car. The hospital bags (labor and post-partem) are both packed and ready. Since the beginning of the year we've joked that if a baby showed up we had a room to put him. Now if a baby shows up - we're prepared for his entrance.

The only thing left on the schedule to complete is Mrs.Chaos' ambitious cityscape cabinet. It's doing great. Everything is cut. Most things are painted. She just a few more layers of paint to go and then it will be time to screw the entire thing together - and that will be the most exciting part. Hopefully we can get it done in the next week or two.