Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post Due

Dad... You were like a father to me. - Ethan (Due Date)

I wrote an AppleScript at work that updates my instant messenger status each day with a count down to the due date. Last Friday it started updating to "T-Minus -1 Days." I read that 48% of first time mothers deliver before their due date; the rest deliver on or after. We are the rest category.

It must have been so much harder in the days before the internet. Mrs.Chaos asks me "is it normal" questions all the time and its easy for me to find scientific papers on the answers. While friends and family are quick to supplying anecdotal stories or advice, the truth is just a web search away.

Every morning I wake up, look over and ask "are you in labor?" She replies, "Nope. You have to go to work today." My coworkers are going to be excited on Monday, "T-Minus -4 Days."