Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Problem Is, I Need to Drive a Truck

PCs are going to be like trucks. They are still going to be around. However only one out of x people will need them. - Steve Jobs

Somewhere around a year ago I decided to see if I could do the majority of my personal computing on an iPad. It's okay - but required a decent amount of shennanigans. Eventually I got a Compass Stand, Apple Bluetooth keyboard, and lap desk and I had basically designed a laptop except I could just carry around the iPad when I wanted. I kept the iPad in a cute cloth case my wife sewed for me, but I would always loose track of that case when the iPad was out of it. The keyboard is also annoying, how do you pack the keyboard? I've upgraded!

I got a new iPad Mini Retina. The old iPad was nice, but I really didn't need that size. So to get a smaller iPad with the exact same screen resolution is great. I also got the T-Mobile Cellular version which gives me 200MB of data a month for FREE (as in beer) for the life of the device. That's pretty awesome too - as I am often on Amtrak or BART and want to do more work than I am able to using my phone.

The new setup is sweet! Instead of the sewn cloth case, my wife got me an Apple Smart Case. There are probably cheaper cases from third parties that work the same, but don't you just feel classier knowing your using an Apple-designed product? My in-laws got me the Oragami Case for the keyboard and it's sweet! It solves the problem of carrying around the keyboard AND I don't need to carry around another thing.

The problem is - part of my personal relax time is developing applications - and the iPad just isn't right for that. I could sure get close for the types of Web Apps that I usually build - but I still need a real computer to get that done. So for now - the iPad still isn't enough to replace my computer - but gosh it's close!