Monday, January 20, 2014

I Feel the Need...

You don't have time to think up there. If you think, you're dead. - Maverick (Top Gun)

I've got a server at home that has my iTunes library on it for Home Sharing to my AppleTVs and it's connected to my AirPort Extreme that has a Drobo hanging off USB 2.0 as an AirDisk. I want this connection to be fast. My speed experiments are really confusing. To test I'm rsync'ing giant files over SMB. ChaosServer is a MacBook Air, so there is no built in ethernet. I have two USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapters - one from Apple and one I bought off eBay for $10 from China.

Connection Speed
WiFi 802.11n 7.63MB/s
Ethernet (Apple) - Left USB 4.27MB/s
Ethernet - Thunderbolt 2.10MB/s
Ethernet (Apple) - Right USB 1.72MB/s
Ethernet (China) - Left USB 307.01kB/s

If you're like me - you're wondering if the adapter is busted? That is so slow. And the one from China is laughable. So I tried plugging directly from the computer to a MacBook Pro which has builtin gigabit ethernet. The results of that?

Connection Speed
Ethernet (Apple) - Left USB 11.20MB/s
Ethernet (China) - Left USB 11.19MB/s
Ethernet - Thunderbolt 49.95MB/s

Wait, what!?! I have no explanation. I guess I should re-run the tests on the computer again. Perhaps there is something crazy happening on Drobo? I'm not sure.