Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weather.Next Released!

I wrote another app. I wanted to get an email every evening that told me tomorrow's weather, and I wanted that e-mail to look good when it arrived on my mobile in all views: alert, notification center, mail preview and the actual mail itself. I tried all the major services out there and they were terrible. The subject and preview text had nothing by pre-roll in it and the message itself was desktop formatted and 50% advertisements. Worthless, right?
So welcome to Weather.Next - showing you tomorrow's weather, TODAY! Basically the idea is just to go an request to get the forecast emailed to you sometime in the evening. I'm doing my best to make it super-pretty. It uses Forecast.IO as the weather service. If you're interested, give it shot. If you have problems, shoot me a note. You're welcome internet.