Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Tablet-first World

It's about a different philosophy. - Craig Federighi

I drive to be mobile-focused with my company's products. All of our designs for admin screens are for tablets. All of our designs for consumers are for mobile phones. As a standard modern company, most of our documents were in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The really hip people (like me) used our Google Apps account to put stuff into Google Docs, Sheets and Presentation.

A a month ago the big cheese at work declared to the company, "we are mobile first! Since only Apple has mobile-centric versions of all the office apps, we are now Apple-centric." So the company plowed forward to switch to iWork. To watch an enterprise salesforce switch from PowerPoint to Keynote is priceless. To watch the customer success team and the lawyers start writing customer documents in Pages is great. There was an exception provided for spreadsheet use of Excel instead of Numbers, especially for finance. Otherwise, everyone has spent the past 30-days stressing over this change. Google Docs? Bah - that is what iCloud sharing is for!

As an Apple Fanboy this is fantastic for me. I've always wanted an opportunity to try all these cool Apple features so I can proudly proclaim to my friends, "Oh yeah, we use iWork collaboration and it's fantastic. It's so great to edit a Pages doc instead of being trapped in that Google interface." Achievement unlocked.

But what's funny about that is in the ONE MONTH since making that decree, Microsite has launched iPhone/iPad versions its office suite and Google has launched native iPhone/iPad versions of its office suite. Now - being iPhone/iPad first doesn't mean being Apple first. So we'll see how long this change lasts. Maybe will switch back to Microsoft suite in a month.