Thursday, July 24, 2014

Burroti. Yum.

They say the truth will set you free, but sometimes, not telling the truth can make you lots of money. - Christopher Elliott

When I head into the office in SF I get a great opportunity to have some SF foodstuff. On my walk back to the train I grab dinner, and there are a dozen quick-grab SF eat-fast startup restaurants. They are constantly going out of business, which provides a great variety. The current place I've been diggin' is the Tava Indian Kitchen. I used to eat a lot of Indian food, but now I don't have Indian coworkers and curry disagrees with Mrs.Chaos, so I have to grab Indian on my own whenever I can.

This place is founded by former software developers. It probably won't last a year, but it's very delicious for now. The first week I got the spicy borroti (yeah, Indian burrito fusion) and it knocked me down. My tastebuds couldn't withstand flavors of that magnitude. Now I've gotten settled in with medium spicy and I love it. I buy the borroti and it while waiting on the train platform.

One of the times I was waiting at the train platform a woman walked up and asked if I had any money for food. When I said 'no', she asked if she could have the burrito in my pocket. When I said it was my dinner, she asked if she could just take a bite. I still said no, but it cracked me up.