Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let the Stalking Begin!

We've added two new babysitters to the mix for mini-chaos. For a lot of babysitting I'm working in the front office and available for any issues and to spy, but sometimes I'm out of town when we need a daytime babysitter.  To be those extra creepy parents we decided to buy a nanny cam.
I had a long look between the Dropcam and the Belkin NetCam. Dropcam got acquired by Nest (Google) and I love Nest.  Belkin makes the WeMo line of home automation and I love WeMo. What to do? I finally ended up going with Dropcam with hope that Google is the bigger player and high hopes that Nest, the sub company, will go all on with HomeKit later this year. It'll be interesting to see how all the home automation I've done rolls into HomeKit.
Dropcam is pretty slick! I can have it send me push alerts when there is movement during alert periods. You can even flag/name areas so if someone opens the front door between 10pm-8am I get an alert that the front door was opened and Dropbox auto records it. Pretty sweet. 
So what's the social protocol on telling babysitters about the spying camera? Do you let them know, or do you just spy?