Sunday, April 12, 2015

Waiting for the Watch

I’m a weak, weak man. - Casey Liss (in reference to the Apple Watch)

On a good note, I slept really really well on Thursday night. On a bad note, I set my alarm incorrect and didn't end up pre-ordering my Apple Watch until around 2am. My watch Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band isn't shipping until June. I think it's the first time since the original iPhone I've missed getting a device on the first day. I mean, I preordered on the first day, it just won't arrive at the soonest time.

I had a friend comment that they wanted to get the watch because they will be able to discreetly check all their phone alerts and it won't be socially awkward. Yeah, no. I wonder how many people are under this false pretense. When I started carrying a Palm Pilot lots of people asked me if it helped me be more organized and I always told them "NO!" A digital organizer can help an organized person be more efficient, but it cannot help a disorganized person become organized.

So, slave to your phone? Well instead of checking you phone every 30 seconds, you'll be checking your watch every 30 seconds. It's not going to make you less engaged with your phone and more engaged in the moment. The other this is that frequently looking at your watch is WAY more socially awkward then frequently looking your phone. Go figure.