Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Free Cloud Backup

I just realized that Google is offering free cloud backup for the normal person. Google Drive (15 GB), Google Play Music (50,000 songs), Google Photos (unlimited). Consider your data usage and I bet that’s enough.

My mother? My father? My siblings? All of them could backup their entire digital life in the cloud just using those three services. Me? I bet I could do it too - but I’d also add Github into the mix.

And yet, the thing about it is, no one in my family is going to trust all of their data to The Google. Some would fear Google doing inappropriate things and others would fear that once it is in the cloud the terrorists (or government) could grab it willy nilly. Who knows what they would do with it?

Ironically they would trust their backup to a backup service (Backblaze, Carbonite, Moze, etc). Strange thing, eh? Anyway, I’m excited by the idea that the layman can get free cloud backup for all their stuff.