Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Hey Siri, Goodnight..."

We appreciate your understanding as the Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to evolve. - Connected by TCP
A few years ago I really REALLY wanted to be able to turn my bedroom lights off with my phone from my bed. I had a long stare down with Phillips Hue. I knew it would solve my problem, it was the marketer leader, but the price tag was impressive. I waited. and waited. and waited. I was getting ready to buy them, when I heard about TCPi Connect Lightbulbs.

It wasn't that TCP Connect was better, it's that is was cheaper. SO MUCH CHEAPER. It was around $60 to connect my bedroom (rather than the $200 Phillips Hue would be). So I installed it and it was amazing.
Now TCP is a lightbulb company, not a technology company. So they didn't innovate, but their private API was really REALLY easy to reverse engineer so it I made a app for my Pebble Smartwatch. More recently I made a Homebridge (HomeKit) module for it. So while TCPi doesn't really provide support, I've always felt like I've had the latest and greatest technology.
TCPi announced this year they are done being a technology company and go back to being a lightening company.  Future smart bulbs will work with WeMo system and they shutdown their server. In their announcement they mentioned that since there server is shutdown, remote access will no longer work.
Except here is the thing, I have Apple Home which works remotely through my AppleTV. So event though my internet bridge is gone, my lights still work the exact same way they always have for me. It's cool - and I also look forward to buying WeMo smart lights at some point.