Sunday, July 29, 2018

No One Does Mobile

Thank Siri when she helps. It’s only polite. - Dutch Jones
I just passed my six year anniversary at work. I’m the second longest employee there. At my last job I ended up in the top five oldest employees. It’s funny how that happens. The days of working for the same company for decades has never been a thing in high tech, but I’ve always sort of wanted it.
When I joined one of the big pushes was “mobile.” Making sure all of our experiences and everything we did worked wonderfully on iPhones. I was always, “sure sure, we can do that, but no one really uses their mobile phone to do anything serious, right?” Six years ago I was sorta right, but mostly wrong. I think that really shifted my opinion was having kids and being at soccer and gymnastics and the park and all of that stuff. Prior that life shift, I was in front of a computer most of the time - any time I was working I was in front of computer, and any time I was relaxing (watch TV, movies, reading), there was probably a computer right next to me. So the idea that anyone would do “real stuff” on a phone seemed silly.
But now? I’m honestly not sure I’ll even own a “computer” again in the traditional sense. The VAST majority of everything I do in my personal life is on my phone, which is the most powerful computer in house. No, seriously, that one was a little mind boggling to me, but my iPhoneX is definitely the most powerful computing device in my home - event better than my work laptop.
So yeah, I no longer give anyone a hard time about “requiring” we be fully tested on mobile. My life is mobile-first.