Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Switch to Hover was Great

Based on the evidence of the past 5-10 years, you shouldn’t be doing business with GoDaddy. - Greg Ferro
It was quite a few years ago when I migrated away from my hosting company (Lycos) to GoDaddy, because GoDaddy was a primary advertiser on EVERY podcast I listened to, and somewhat foolishly, I think my podcasts are boutique enough that they only let the good companies advertise (which is sort of true).
Getting my website up and going with GoDaddy was easy, but ya know, every few months I received a notice from GoDaddy about all the Malware they removed from my site for me. I *think* they're sending it to show me how awesome they are and try an upsell me on a premium security package which could protect me from all the malware the free package didn’t detect. All I'm wondering is how this crud got on there. It probably wasn’t by cracking my random 64-digit password, right?
So I did the internet walk of shame away from GoDaddy. I realized I don’t need much. All of my content is in Google Pages and Google Blogger and all of my apps are deployed on Google App Engine so there was no need at all for a backend. My emails just forward to my Gmail account so I don’t need email hosting either just simple forwarding.
Pretty slick to watch my $119.88/yr change into a $20/yr charge for my domain and one email address forwarding. It would be cheaper still with Cloudflare who just charges you cost - but I couldn’t quite figure out how to do the email forwarding through CLoudflare at this point in time.
My next step is where I’m going to move my other website which is built in Apple iWeb. That’s going to be fun, huh?