Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What I'm Buying from Apple. Maybe.

After a time you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing--after all--as wanting. - Mr Spock (Amok Time)
I'm not sure what Apple will be releasing next month, but it's an interesting time to do the thought exercise of deciding if I'm going to buy anything sight-unseen and, uhh, how much money I will be paying in annual tribute.
New iPhone. I don't think I'm going to buy this version. I'm iffy that I might buy it because I recognize that my iPhone is the computer I have on me all day every day and I feel like as a Apple fanboy technologist I should have the best of this for my life. Two years ago I got the iPhone X because it was such an innovative change. Last year I got the iPhone X Max because I wanted to get back to the big phone screen size again to have the most productivity. I'm not sure what this year's phone could give that I "need." A new camera with time-of-flight? Probably not, since the Mrs. does the majority of the photography in the family. USB-C? That's nice, but not an upgrade-for-it feature. I think if there is pencil support that would be enough. I often do a Screen (VNC) to my Mac at home and having the ability to use a pencil to do precise touch targets would be great for that and having my iPhone bring back the positive feeling of my first USR Palm Pilot might be enough nostalgia to make me do it. Will it support Graffiti™?
New Apple Watch. Almost certainly I'll buy this because I assume it will come with some new health measurement technology (sleep?) and it would feed into my desire to track everything in my quantified self.
New iPad. This is the hardest decision! I have the latest and greatest iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) so I struggle a little to understand what a new iPad Pro is going to offer me that is going to make me feel it's worth an upgrade at this point. This one also has rumors of a powerful time-of-flight camera slapped on the back, but I NEVER take photos with my iPad, so that one is not a motivator. Yet, I gave up my computer and am running iPad-only in my life at this point and there is something excited about being here at the birth of a new platform.
New Mac. My current theory is that I'm done buying Intel-based Macs. In fact, the only Mac left in my future is a replacement for my home server (currently running on an old MacBook Air) and I really want a new ARM-based Mac mini. THOUGH, I am looking at some career changes and I think I'll need to get any newly announced 16" MacBook Pro as part of a signing contract... obviously!
Apple Display. Yeah, in theory they may be a "non-Pro" version of the Apple Display that doesn't cost... a... lot. But I'm pretty indifferent with screen quality. I use a cheap screen now and will continue to use cheap mediocre screens.
One More Thing. The most likely "one more thing" to me is Apple+ which is the bundled subscription of all Apple services (TV, Music, Arcade, iPhone, AppleCare+). The only thing in here that interests me is Apple Arcade and we'll see how that goes.