Wednesday, May 20, 2020

WWDC 2020 iPadOS Wishlist

The online-only virtual developer conference is just around the corner and I don’t feel like we’ve seen too many rumors. Here is my very simple very short wishlist for iPadOS.
1. Separate Apps On External Display - The foundation is all ready for this! I want to plug my iPadPro into an external 5K USB 3.1 display and then be able to have two apps on the iPad and two different apps on the external display for a total of four apps. The external display isn’t a touch screen, but that’s okay, because I can connect a keyboard and mouse to the iPad and use the new iOS pointer to manipulate the apps on the external display. We’re so close to this!
2. Web Meeting Camera in Background - If you’re in a web meeting (Zoom, WebEx, GTM) the iPad camera only works if the app is running foreground in full screen. If you switch your web meeting to split screen or put it in the slide over, your web meeting no longer has access to the camera. BOO! When I’m in a web meeting, I want the app to be in the slide over so I can multitask, but I do want to leave my camera running.
3. ReplayKit to share a specific app - If you’re in a web meeting (Zoom, WebEx, GTM) and you share you iPad screen, it shares the WHOLE screen. Generally I want to be able to share my browser app (Safari of Chrome) while still running Slack in split screen that is not shared so I can chat with my coworkers about the client we are presenting to.
That’s it! My short and simple wish list and I think the iPad would finally be the equivalent of working on my laptop. Huzzah!