Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Get Confused

My moustache was insured for 13 million. - John Newcombe
I'm participating in no-shave November.  You will see an update about it with photos and-or-videos at the end of the month, when it is done.  Since I only go into the office every other week - the first week of November I was just looking a little stubbly.  When I came in this week I had a nice beard going.  Lots coworkers comments on my participation in "movember."
Then I have a moral imperative to correct them because movember and no-shave november are separate events with their own history, philosophy and rules.  I know this, because it is my job to know this.  Movember originated from Australia in 1999 as an event where men grow mustaches to raise awareness for various men's health issues.  The idea being that a mustache is out of fashion, so if you grow one people will comment on it and that will give you an opportunity to talk about prostate cancer and other topics.  Movember has specific rules on what constitutes a mustache and you shall not violate it!  No-shave November is not originated in discussion of men's health, and is merely an expression to the joy of facial hair.  You are allowed to grow whatever form of facial hair you want.  It is encouraged to truly not shave, but it makes allowances that some people need to look respective for their job.  I am one of those people.
The more you know.