Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Gods Were Good to Me

Every dogma has its day.  - Anthony Burgess 
In the standard office morning chitchat someone asked about the quality of my long commute to the office. Depending on traffic and accidents and weather the drive can take between two hours and four hours. I found myself responding, "the gods were good to me. It only took a little over two hours." I was surprised with the response, coming out of instinct and not out of thought or an attempt to make reference.  I've been reading Game of Thrones and when I'm really spending a lot of time in a good book, I get into a zone of quoting the book. You may have noticed that winter is coming; I've been pointing it out to people a lot.  Hear me roar.
Not every book I read has the effect on me, because not every book I read has the same strength of voice.  The first time I caught myself brainwashed by the linguistics of a book was high school when I started to doublethink about how plus good a book ass.  These days, even if I don't fully grok why it affects me, I hope to earn at least some whuffie for the references from my droogs.  If all of these things fall on dead ears, well, so it goes.