Saturday, December 24, 2011

Falling Behind on Content Consumption

Where you are is not really different than any other place you could be. - Dennis Kas
Over the past few years I've basically had all the time I once spent reading be slowly replaced with other activities.  For a long time I was always reading three books at a time.  One book in my backpack for use on the train to work, on flights, at coffee shops, etc.  One book next to my bed to read for a little while before going to sleep.  One book on my Palm Pilot that I could read when in didn't have the others around: waiting for meetings, standing in line for something, etc.
For the past many years I've always had my iPhone on me and I've slowly migrated away from having a written book towards having podcasts and audiobooks.  I veraciously consume these while I'm cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, commuting in my car and copy-pasting spreadsheets at work.  Over this Christmas, I'm on vacation with Mrs.Chaos' family and have been spending nearly all my time talking with the family and playing with the nieces and the nephew.  Often the nieces are playing make-believe while I'm sitting in the room and it would be the perfect opportunity to read a book on my phone, but I don't have one.  I just have audio and that doesn't work as well.  I am being constantly asked questions and it's just too tough to pause the audio, ask them to repeat, answer the question and then start it again.  Reading is great; it automatically pauses when I look away.  So my list just keeps getting longer and longer.