Monday, December 19, 2011

Fourth Annual Graham Cracker Shacks

Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights. - Iroh (Avatar)
We tend to have two big parties every year. The first party is my birthday, obviously a tradition that I have held for many decades. The other big party is the annual graham cracker shack party which originated with Mrs.Chaos. This year we were a little worried because we invited more than fifty people and we were sure we had enough space for everyone to work! A total of twenty-three people showed up throughout the evening and it was fantastic.
It was also the most diverse group of friends we've gathered that included my usual suspects, people from swing dancing and people from the book club we joined half way through the year (did I mention we're in a book club now?).
Some year we should start presenting awards for things like: most professional looking, most creative, most geeky, etc. Not this year. A few standouts:
1) The Farm. Obviously planned, Meghan brought colored frosting for the red barn and frosted mini-wheats to make hay barrels.
Graham Cracker Shack - The Farm
2) The Tower of Babel -or- the Jenga Tower. Built so high that the teddy graham people started talking other languages. The creator learned that our second year someone had made a seven story tall tower and needed to beat it.
Graham Cracker Shack - Tower of Babel
3) A Prius and a Snowspeeder - proving graham crackers build more than houses.
Graham Cracker Prius
Graham Cracker Snowspeeder

Something I found amazing was at the end of the night, my gang of usual suspects had gone home to bed. These are the people I expect to stick around until 1am or 2am discussing the finer points of playing Ticket to Ride or Dominion. Instead they turned into pumpkins, and the newer groups of dancers and readers stuck around for the final picture. And.... video fly through.

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