Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Walked 40 Miles and My Shoulders Hurt

Perhaps the Mayans WERE wrong.Maybe we WILL enter a new era of consciousness. - John Hodgman
We went to Disneyland for New Years Eve.  Disneyland must be one of the ten most jam-packed places to ring in the new year.  We got up at 7am to go into the park and didn't leave until 1am.  That is the first and probably last time I will ever spend seventeen hours in Disneyland.  We used our last Fast Pass around 6pm and there were none left to be dispensed.  We looked at one another, "Well, just six more hours until new years."  Four and half hours later we were about to watch Fantasmic and Mrs.Chaos said she was very particular about making sure to see the fireworks over the castle.  "Oh yeah, we're going to do this right this time around, because we are never coming back here on new years again!"  We Hi-Fived each other.  An hour and a half later we watched the fireworks from Main Street.  Happy New 2013!
(ps. don't trust people who can't build straight pyramids to predict the end of the world.)