Sunday, January 13, 2013

Juicing for Fun and Profit

Rumors are mostly a projection of the individual who started them. - Roya Rad
Mrs.Chaos asked me if fruit juice has less nutrients than eating the raw fruit. I did an internet search for it and the first result came from a raw foods propaganda site and said something like, "you must drink juice right after you make it! All nutrients are lost within about fifteen minutes." It didn't pass my common sense test. Where did the nutrients go? Do the nutrients evaporate into the air? What happens?
The internet is a big a scary place. Whatever crazy idea you happen to have, I promise that there is a website out there which is going to support it. It's so much worse when the top hits coming back from the main search engines are written by the crazies. I had a coworker convinced he suffered from electro-magnet sensitivity. He sent me the link to a really well done medical research paper on it which had me pretty convinced. The site hosting the research paper also sold various crystals that could help minimize your symptoms (sigh).
When I was dating Mrs. Chaos she told me that she if she got too cold she would get hives. I did what any loving boyfriend would do, I went to the internet with the purpose of telling her she was crazy and that she should stop whining so much. You know what I found out? "Cold allergy" is a real thing. Allergists can test you for it by placing an ice cub on your arm and seeing if it triggers allergic hives. Crazy, right?
My sister-in-law told me that if you get sick you need to avoid sugar to get healthy? Quackery? Turns out that one is true. It only requires a couple of sodas to have a medically proven bad affect on your immune system's ability to fight off illness. Crazy, right?
Anyway - vitamins in juice degrade due to exposure to oxygen, light and heat. There are numerous studies from the Mayo Clinic and the Harvard Medical Review that juice a fruit or vegetable, story it in a cold, dark, and air-tight location for a months and then show no loss of nutritional value.
MSG does not make you sick. Aspartame does not cause cancer. Organic farming produces more green house gases. You can be allergic to the cold. Sugar makes it hard to fight the flu. The jury is still out on EMF sensitivity, but crystals definitely don't protected you from it.