Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Audible - My First Complaint

Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world. - Voltaire
I love audiobooks. Love love love them. In my previous job I had to commute (via car) about six hours a week - that was two three-hour drives in a week. I started by checking out audiobooks from the library and once I had finished everything there I moved on to buying from iTunes. People forget, but in the days before the iCloud, you were only allowed to download your book once and if you lost local copy *poof* it was gone forever.
When I discovered Audible I found that it was the right way to get audiobooks. You buy them once and then you have them in your Audible library forever and can play them, more or less, anywhere. They do have DRM - but they play through iTunes and through every device I have had. At one point I got an error message that I had reached my device limit - but that was installing on around twelve different device - so I guess I forgive them. I guess.
I have been an annual subscriber for the past three years getting twelve (12) credits every year. The first year it worked out great. The second year Mrs.Chaos joined in and was burning through the credits (Song of Ice and Fire is 2 credits per book) and we had to renew early. This past year I started getting Audiobooks from the library again and I ended the year with seven (7) credits as my account came for renewal.
I figured that with seven credits left over I could wait until I ran out to renew my subscription, but Audible is a JERK! JERK! I went to cancel my subscription it tells me that it will expire all of my credits, "please make sure to spend all of credits before expiring your subscription or you will lose them." I don't know what books my book club will pick, so I can't expire all of my credits. But the cheapest subscription they have will give me twelve more credits!
Audible - I'm angry with you. For the first time in three years. I am angry.