Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Computer Smell

Forget men, I want to marry my MacBook. -  Alexandra Potter
I love that new computer smell!  I've had unfortunate issues with my last few computers.  I got a first generation MacBook Air that eventually started overheating on me.  After thirty minutes of anything too intense it would shut down a core and then after another thirty minutes it would just die.  I would watch movies on it with a Vornado fan blowing across trying to keep it cool enough to run, but almost always, it would end in failure.

To replace it, in 2009 I bought the cheapest MacBook that Apple sold.  That worked fine a year and half and then some sort of loose cable developed between the computer to the screen and the screen would slowly fade to white until I wiggled it.  Some times it would run fine for a day and other times I couldn't get it to work at all.
After that I tried to live in a "post-PC" era and bought a keyboard for my iPad thinking I could get away with just using my iPad and not having a laptop, but it didn't quite work.  It was close.  It was so close, but if it can't replace 100% of my needs - than it doesn't make my life better.
What was missing?  I've been scanning and I can't scan into my iPad.  Trying to "scan" by taking pictures with the iPad camera is just silly.  The other thing is that I like to do development.  Even though some amount is theoretically possible, once I start digging into building a web app - I just can't get myself to do it on the iPad.
Now I have gorgeous new MacBook Air fully beefed out!  Let's get developing!