Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Love You Dropbox Datastore!

With the Datastore API, structured data like contacts, to-do items, and game state can be synced effortlessly. - Dropbox
I had been meaning to play with the Dropbox API and I did and it's awesome.  These days the main types of apps I build for fun are client web apps that run entirely on the phone.  I use HTML5 local storage to fake having a place to store stuff.  That works okay for little bits of data, but I can't really store a lot because you might switch to another phone or you might clear you cache.  What I've always wanted was a nice place on the web where it was really easy for me to just cram some user settings.
So when Dropbox mentioned they had released an app API and that there was a JavaScript API interface my heart raced!  RACED!  It's been out for a few weeks, but I finally got a chance to give it a spin and it is EXACTLY what I have always wanted.  It's amazing!

I've been working on a web app that lets me tracked all of the TV shows that I'm watching and what episode I am on and I've needed a way to sync it across devices.  I was going to build some simple back-endy stuff on Google App Engine, but this just solved my problem.  Within about 15 minutes of work I had Dropbox API working and was syncing my app data into Dropbox.  SO AWESOME!