Monday, August 11, 2014

Sushi Regular

I don't want more friends; I want deeper friendships. - Huensao
It's nice to be a regular. When you head somewhere and it's just as comforting as home--that's a great feeling. When I lived in the bay area there was a great coffee house (Zocalo in San Leandro) which was a common stomping ground and working from home, I was a regular.  Tim (the owner) was a former Apple Evangelist and all around great guy who often chatted me up.  I loved when he would grab my iTunes library and start pumping anime music into the cafe.  Everyone there had a special treat.
These days, we're making Mini-Chaos into a sushi regular downtown, because Mrs.Chaos loves the sushi!  Every week (ish) we roll in (ha!), the staff talks about how adorable he is, and he gets to eat edamame and being generally cute. I hope he is learning to enjoy it, cause this kid is going to get to eat a lot of sushi in his life.