Saturday, October 25, 2014

Different Herds

The thing about keeping your best friends from high school your entire life is that you have a lot of the same conversations over years and decades and hone you're talking points. Star Wars? Yes. Harry Potter? No. Lord of the Rings? Book - yes, movies - no. This are no longer discussions with differing opinions, just the refine of a discussion. Apple? Yes. Android? Meh. 
I understand that other groups of people exists who have created a groupthink into a different dynamic, but to enter there midst is like going to the valley of the uncanny. 
I have this new group of friends and they all use SMS on their Android devices. People still use SMS? I know it conceptually, but to see it in the wild is crazy. They fell into a discussion about how amazing the Harry Potter books were and how the movies don't do them justice. I can tell from the rhythm that they've had this talk many times before, but there wrong. To rock this world? I don't know. Culture clash of my refined discussion points versus theirs? Or maybe I can just smile and nod... for now...