Monday, November 24, 2014

Pebble? Why not?

I worked a 20 hour day last week (my record is a 35 hour "day") and around 4am I needed some shopping therapy. With Christmas coming I wanted to get something fun that wasn't on one of my wish lists so I bought a Pebble. Texts on your watch? Welcome to having a 1990s pager strapped on your wrist!

Pebble Txts

Wait, what? I know you're thinking, "You must be buying an Apple Watch next year or Tim will revoke your Apple Fanboy membership card. So why a Pebble?" It's true, but I don't want to wait until next year and figured that Pebble could be a nice aperitif that got me used to wearing a watch again.

First impressions? It's fun and the sweet spot seems to be integration with my home automation life. Control the nest? Check. Control the WeMo lights? Check. I really want to get the MyQ garage on their! Reading all the notifications from my phone? That's okay - not great, but okay. It definitely needs better (some proximity). I sit in front of my computer ALL DAY for work, so I don't need my wrist to buzzy every time I get an email. A phone call - wowzers. Google voice rings across my phone, iPad, computer, and other computer. With the power of Apple Continuity all those devices ring a second time. And now my watch buzzes as well.

I'm super excited about getting the new Oral-B Bluetooth toothbrush. In the year 2000' your toothbrush will send you messages on your watch..