Saturday, October 10, 2015

Being in the Plus Club

The only thing that's changed is everything. - Apple
I've had my new iPhone 6s+ for a few weeks now and it was an awesome choice. When it first showed up it seemed enormous and two weeks in, everyone else's phone seems tiny. It fits fine in all of my pant pockets - I mean, it's huge, but it doesn't fall out or feel like it's going to bend. I was really curious if I felt I could replace my iPad Mini with it - the jury is still out on that one.

The number one issue I have with trying to use this beast as my primary casual computer is the number of apps that don't work in horizontal mode or work bizarrely.  I'm looking at you Google Hangouts!  The Google Hangouts contact list only works in vertical mode, but when you're in a conversion with someone it works fine in horizontal. Really? REALLY! This type of insanity is everywhere. That means that I can't consistently hold the phone horizontally and be happy and I really want to do that.
Ignoring that horizontal gripe, it's great. I was worried I wouldn't be able to use the phone with one hand, but I use the cool double-tap feature to bring the top of the screen down ALL THE TIME, because I so often have a baby in my other hand and it's perfect. It makes this monster phone work fine one-handed.
I really wish all of the multitasking features worked on the phone so I could do PiP video, split screen, etc. But for now I'll work with what I have and see if I care about upgrading my iPad mini. I'm super-happy that I have unlimited data on the phone and I really want just keep burning through it.
Sadly - SADLY - I'm writing this on my laptop because Blogsy works on the iPad, but not the iPhone, and because Google Blogger only runs in vertical mode.  I am just now thinking I might have been able to pull this off in the web version... but nah.

Finally - reading comics on the big phone is plus ungood compared than reading them on the iPad mini.