Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Times, They are a Changing

In 1999 I was in college and you couldn't really pre-order movie tickets online (or even in advance); you had to go to the theater the day-of. So you people camping out FOR WEEKS to buy Episode I tickets.
On opening night a friend called me around 7pm, "so they're showing it 24x7 at the big theater and basically ALL THE SCREENS. Why don't we just go and get the first tickets we can?" So it was that I saw Episode I at 3am on opening night. 
30s skip forward a few times to 2015 and Episode VII has been out for 3 nights and I haven't seen it. Because, you know, life is in the way with kids and work and Christmas and all that fun. Also, in my old age I've learned the actors in movies tend to give a pretty consistent performance, even if you don't see it opening night.