Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hydrated So Much It Hurts

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. - Bill Gates
I don't even want to look back through my credit card statements to know when I backed the Vessyl - the world's most beautiful beverage container. Let's just say, it would be counted in years. I kind of assumed I would never get one until in late 2015 they pivoted! Vessyl released the Pryme Vessyl into Apple Stores that let you track hydration, and told all of us early backers that we'd get one for free - probably by the end of November! Mine arrived March 14th, a little late, but gorgeous.

I'm incredibly excited about the health future that Apple is ushering in with all of these connected devices tracking everything we do and storing it into our phones for us to have forever. Forty years from now, I should have 40 years of health activity tracked as well as weight, heartbeats, blood-oxygen, etc. Can you even imagine the type of research science we've got coming?
While I might be tracking all this stuff, it's not really inspiring action from me. Just collecting data. So I'm still unhealthy, but at least I KNOW that I'm unhealthy. The Pryme Vessyl is pretty cool - and I have been drinking A LOT more water than I usually drink. We'll see if it holds true.
When iOS 9 got announced back in October, Apple mentioned that had added hydration tracking to HealthKit "for all those smart water bottles." Here's a hint - there aren't any.  I did kickstart one at the time assuming it would get here before I ever got a Vessyl. I did not, but my Hidrate smart water bottle is scheduled to ship on March 28th (just 3 months behind schedule).