Sunday, April 24, 2016

Even More Hydration

Water is the driving force of all nature. - Leonardo da Vinci
In June of 2015, Tim Cook got on stage and mentioned that the new HealthKit would include hydration tracking "for all of those smart water bottles" and I immediately went online to buy a smart water bottle. There were none. The best thing I found was a smart water bottle I Kickstarted called "Hidrate" expecting to ship in November of 2015.
It was a Kickstarter, which I funded in June, so it obviously did not ship in November of 2015. I never really expected it to. What I was more shocked by was in October, when Vessyl (which I backed in June of 2014) announced the Pryme Vessyl was going to a thing and in Apple Stores, and early backers would get one for free. This became a fun backer-race. Who would get me my smart hydration system first, Pryme Vessyl or Hidrate?
The answer was Pryme Vessyl, but not by much.  Within about a month my Hidrate arrived!
So what's the verdict of the Pryme Vessyl ($99) versus the Hidrate Spark ($54)? Well, sadly, it depends - but if you don't want to read, I say go with the Hidrate Spark.
The Vessyl is, in every way, a better cooler sturdier more amazing beverage container. The thing is, mine constantly fails to track what I am drinking. I think if the Vessyl isn't actively connected via Bluetooth to the phone while drinking, then it doesn't track it. So as cool and neat and wonderful as it is, if it doesn't actually track how much water I am drinking, then what is the point? Very little.
The Hidrate Spark feels cheaper and less cool and way less sturdy than my Tervis water bottles - but you know what? It has been consistent about tracking every ounce of water that I drink. If my phone isn't connected it stores the tracking in the bottle until the next sync.  Awesome all the time.
My major complaint with both apps is that they only track water you have imbibed with the beverage container of choice.  So I can't use both at the same time and have everything work.  I have to commit on a given day to drink all my water from my Pryme Vessyl or from my Hidrate Spark.