Monday, January 30, 2017

Really Mr. NFL Player?

Do you get a lot of email meant for someone else? I am alway surprised how much people sign up my email address for various services on the internet. I assume these are subscription farms paid to increase active user counts - they just go through the process of signing up known good email addresses.

I share the name with a NFL football player. For the most part, this doesn’t matter, why would it? Yet over the last weekend this NFL player apparently on some interview or his twitter account or whatever, asked people to send him their favorite stories about his NFL team and presumably provided them his email address. His email address and my email address seems to be similar, because I receive around 600 emails from people telling me their favorite stories about their team. That was fun.

I am totally proud of the four people who sent me an iMessage tied to that email address. Way to go! And you one very brave person who did a couple Facetime calls to me? You’re now blocked, but I love your gusto!