Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Ramen Bar

I am quite a fan of ramen, but it's a little tricky to eat when going out with the family, because having a couple of little kids makes it a bit tricky/scary to have a bowl of scalding hot liquid on the table with everyone. Seems like a natural choice when I head into the workplace to grab ramen for lunch, but lunchtime in the financial district is a trainwreck of lines everywhere.
A couple months ago I discovered "The Ramen Bar" near work and it so wonderfully meets all of my lunchtime ramen needs. It's in 101 California, which is the first building I worked at after college and that just brings back wonderful nostalgia every time I go. Much more importantly, they have an app for my phone where I can order ahead of time, pay with Apple Pay, and then just walk in and grab my food to go. Now my office workers ask, "do you just get ramen every time you come to the office?' Yes. Yes I do.