Saturday, May 13, 2017

Feeling Comcastic!

Since we moved into our house we've had AT&T for internet, and since we moved in we've been annoyed about it. I have a baseline assumption that everyone is annoyed by their service providers, and therefore, there is no point in swapping willy-nilly, because, you're just going to be annoyed by the next one. Still - I have a few very big annoyances over the years.
The first is that I started on AT&T Home DSL at the fatest speed available and it was slow. I called a few times asking if they offered faster, and AT&T DSL did not. But here was the thing - AT&T DSL didn't offer faster speed, but AT&T U-Verse *did* offer faster speed over DSL. Huh? It was bizarre, but by calling AT&T U-Verse (who had a separate number from AT&T DSL), I was able ot get upgraded to faster internet speed.
Then, once or twice a year, my internet would slow to a terrible crawl. I would complain. Technicians would come out. Eventually maybe it would be solved for a time, until it happened again. At one point a technician changed me from a hot/cold dual DSL line to a pair-bonded DSL line and that helped a lot for a long time.
Part of the problem is I live in an infill community and for whatever reason, when they built it, they didn't run fiber through out little infill. Fiber runs a few hours down either direction, but not to us, so the best AT&T can get is 18 MB/s over aDSL and the upstream standards are defined at 1.5 MB/s. So on my aDSL add a couple of dropcams, a SkyBell, and I'm quickly saturating my upstream. I have to start managing QoS for the system to work. LAME!
So I switched to Comcast/Xfinity - which isn't the most loved company out there, but I have 100 MB/s down and around 5 MB/s up. Which means? Everything streams great. I'm lovin' it.