Saturday, June 10, 2017

An iPad Shaped Hole

I've been waiting to get a new iPad until Apple unveiled the new ones and then on June 5th, THEY DID! Except, it wasn't what I wanted. Is ever exactly what you want? I have been so happy with my little iPad mini 4 with an external Apple keyboard, I just wanted a refreshed version of that which allowed me to use the Apple Pencil, but it was not to be. In fact, it's probably never to be that the mini will have the pencil.
So would it be okay to get a larger one? But, of course, they didn't release an update to the 9.3" version, the released a brand new even larger 10.whatver" version. UG! BIGGER? The mini was such a great "just bring it along" size for me, but okay, back to the large on.
Then what? My final bit of sadness is that T-Mobile discounted it's "free-data for life" program where you got 200MB per month for the life of your device. It's not much, but exactly enough for those times when I'm traveling, trying to work, and there is no WiFi to be found. But that's gone too.
So with all these things weren't quite right, I had a stare down and thought I probably wouldn't buy the new iPad. But then, I said, "whatever." I mean, Apple isn't going to release a mini with a Pencil. The 9.3" version of the iPad Pro has vanished to the land of wind and ghosts, and T-Mobile isn't brining back their FDFL program. Now I just have an iPad-shaped hole in my life as I wait for it to arrive.