Sunday, November 12, 2017

Doing it the Hard Way

It’s the kind of fatigue that feels earned, rather than imposed. - Wil Wheaton
Trying to do slightly complex things on my iPad, things I could trivially on my MacBook, brings back some of the joy of early computing to me. When I was first using computers as a kid, reading through my 3-ring binder manual of MS DOS 3.3 and BASIC and discovering how to do things was pure bliss. In the modern world, I’m competent enough I rarely hit those moments on the old MacBook, but I still hit them on my iPad where I have a, “I wonder if...” Like, tonight, “I wonder if I could get the Rescue Bots theme song onto Mini-Chaos’  Amazon Music playlist...”
Find the song on YouTube and then use to convert it to MP3.  This opens as a new tab in Safari, where I can “Share” the URL into the clipboard and swap over to GoodReader to download the MP3 onto my iPad. From GoodReader, export it over to iCloud Drive.
Now, because it’s YouTube, the song has gross “monetization” stuff in the sound (“Please subscribe...”) which I want to clip out.  Lucky for me is the existing of Hokusai which is an audio-editing app.  Wahoo!
And then? Well, then I’m dead in the water - because I can’t actually upload this MP3 file into my Amazon Music account.  You have to use Amazon Music on your Mac/PC.  So, sadly, at this point I need to use Screens on my iPad to connect to my Mac, and upload the file from iCloud Drive to Amazon Music - but hey, pretty close right?