Saturday, October 7, 2017

Unlocking the WORLD!

As I wait for my chance to pre-order my iPhone X, my good old iPhone 6s+ passed its two year mark which means it was time to break it free the shackels of AT&T. This process man. How does one go about removing the carrier lock from you phone?
First you go through the request process with AT&T and they approve it. Then you simple need to erase you phone and re-install it. So, dilligently, I do the local encrypted backup, delete the phone, and restore the phone. Huzzah!
Of course, this process is terrifying and lots of things get lost on the phone.  Secure Enclave? Yeah, you’re gone.  So I have to rebuild the Touch ID database and retrain it which takes a while. It also seems like a lot of apps store authentication in a temporary space so when I launch them I need to re-enter my username and password. Which isn’t horrible, but it’s annoying...
Most frustrating was that my  ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ got unpaired from the phone in this process - which I didn’t notice until the next day.  How do you fix that?  Reset the phone and restore from backup - which, my last watch backup was much older.  And that too lost all of my watch faces and which apps I had synced and notification preferences and... ya know, more stuff.  Anyway, we’re all good now.