Saturday, May 26, 2018

Want to be a dreamer? Be one.

When looking for new stories, don’t forget the one you are in the middle of. It may be the most important one you could find. - Jon Swanson
At bedtime I switched from reading books to telling stories and that way, I never run out of Transformer stories or any other type of story. They started easy enough to do, but after a few weeks Mini-Chaos started help tell me how the story went - adding plots twists new characters, etc. Now, I try so hard to get the stories to be reasonable timelines as he just keeps adding into them.
“IceStream is super powerful.” “Ok, Bumblebees defeats him.” “No, he is too powerful if anyone touches him, they get frozen by his ice.” “Okay, and then Optimus Prime comes, and he has his Prime Sword and he is able to defeat him.” “No, because IceStream has an ice sword and he can stop Optimus’ sword!” “Uhhh, and then Cody comes out with a flamethrower and the fire melts IceStream.” “Yeah, he melts!” (*whew* wipe brow) “But underneath the ice is a SuperFire and he is all fire and he says, ‘buhahahaha! you can never defeat me!’”
And so on, for far longer than you would expect. Every night is like a re-enactment of Dream vs. Choronzon.... I am hope!

Mrs.Chaos comforts me that these stories, told each night, are inspiring the imagination. I see it too, today in sidewalk art:

“This is Margagon. He was a good guy, but his heart has gone bad and now he is a bad guy. He built an evil robot and he uses it for doing bad stuff. It has noodles on it that he uses to default the good guys (*pew* *pew* *pew*) - he climbs in and drives the evil robot around. Buahahaha.”