Sunday, June 3, 2018

Missing Pods

The story is that which occurs, after all. - Corinna Nicolaou
I’m among the AirPod fan boys for sure. I order them on day 1, got them nearly on day 1 and they are either charging or in my pocket, just those two places. The pods themselves? Always in my ear or in the case. No other places. I’m constantly out with kids who go off to play and I can just pop them in and listen to a podcast, book, etc. they are fabulous.
I’ve misplaced them a couple times and that usually means the whole case with the pods falls out of my pocket. I would think that the “Find My AirPods” feature would be amazing at resolving this but seems to me like this feature is only useful to locate a single lost bud. Every time the case is missing? Nope, can never locate it and the app never seems able to tell me the location.
So it caused my great anxiety when my AirPods went missing one day, and I could not find them. "I had them last night for sure, so they definitely came home with me." I kept looking, kept wondering, and a day past and another day past and another day past.  I checked all my laundry.  I was worried they went through the wash, but no, not in any of my clothes.
Finally sometime around day five or six, Mini-Chaos is sitting on the drive way flipping the case of my AirPods open and closed. "WAIT!?!  Where did you find those?" "Ohh, they were on the desk in the office, so I put them in my stuffy bin so I could check them out."
So, new plan!  I got a Tile, got a case, and attached them. Now I will win at Hide and Seek forever.