Sunday, June 17, 2018

Getting the Pictures Up Here

Move the thing, or the me. They are equivalent - Mathematician (SMBC)
I’ve been mostly exclusively writing on my iPad to get stuff up here these days, which isn’t as easy as it should be.  I am truly contemplating that this might be the end of me needing a “personal laptop” around the house and that I can do everything exclusively by either working on my iPad or using Screens/Prompt to connect to the home server when a I need to do more complex stuff in my person life.
Posting pictures up here though, so much harder than it should be.  All of the main iOS apps I’ve used over the years have gone away for this business - Google no longer has a Blogger app. I used to use and love Blogsy, but retired after some API changes made it not worth upkeep by the developer. Blogo stopped working for silly reasons, it does it’s Google OAuth in a UIWebView and Google now requires OAuth to occur in OSes main browser (or SFVC).
Without a native app, I should just be able to upload directly to Google, right? Wrong. Their web interface allows me to pull in pictures from Google Photos, but not to upload. Oh, should be easy then, right?  Just go into Google Photos an add an image? Wrong.  Google Photos does not allow you to upload a single image, you to “sync/backup.” Anyway, I’ve got the workflow down since I take all these photos on my phone, I just go into iOS Photo’s Photo Stream on the iPad, snatch the ones I want, swap to Google Photos App on the iPad, and it uploads them - without uploading everything. Sounds great - and that’s how I can upload my chalk art pony photos: