Friday, June 8, 2018

You're Not a Mac App Yet

Being bad at everything you try is kind of the definition of being a kid. - David Kestenbaum
Far an away, one of my favorite Podcasts is the Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP).  When it pops up on my Overcast feed (of course), I make sure it jumps above all the other shows I might be listening to. Three hosts, with three different personalities. I often think about which of those hosts is the most like me. The cool indie developer? The hypercritical logical observer? The friends-with-everyone consultant? Yeah, probably that last one. Which is okay, they are all cool.
ATP did a live show at WWDC this year, so I made the pilgrimage down. As we were standing in front, Casey went running by and I asked for a selfie and... well.  I held up my phone and hit the power button (instead of volume to take the picture). I swiped and opened and hit the volume button! But it was on video mode. You know what, here, just accept a picture of me attempting to take a selfie with Casey.